Mar 20, 2010

Kendi - Connected [Squash 84 Remix]

Great song from Kendi. I love how the men and women fight back between each other. It is a devilish track, with a smooth progressive beat.

Sep 10, 2009

Labour of Love Review

When the lineup for labour of love came out about a month ago, I was very upset at the lack of names in comparison to last events. I was not excited about the party, and was skeptical about the whole thing. Well, I was wrong.

Labour of Love 2009 blew my expectations away. First off Guetta was much harder, and better than I had expected. He showed that he is still true to his house roots and has not been completely driven by the radio. The Skybar had great house music all night long with Sultan for the late-nighters and Deko-Ze destroyed the decks for the sunrisers. Koolhaus played good trance all night. Glenn Morrison was underrated. I was a little upset with what has hapening in the tent. It lacked some of the energy from past years.

Aug 7, 2009

Labour of Love WTF?

I am sure that I am not the only person upset with this years lineup for Labour of Love. This party is supposed to be the Superbowl of Toronto Partying but looks more like the Grey Cup. There are some big names but I would expect more from Guv. Armin, Guetta, and Tiga are the three big DJ`s, spinning in the Koolhaus, Guv Main Room, and Tent respectively. That would usually be a cause for celebration on any other party but this one. There should at least be one other huge headliner coming to LOL. The T-Dot faithful and visitors from all over, look forward to this party all summer. To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

As an optimist, I still think it will be a great show. There are lots of fresh faces spinning this year. Hopefully some of these up and comers will take the opportunity to rock the show and prove the doubters wrong.

Deadmau5 @ Dragonfly Aug 5, 2009

I had planned to go to Wasaga to see Deadmau5 spin at the Dome. My plans fell through at the last minute with attempts to revive the trip never going anywhere. After hearing how good it was from a bunch of people, I decided make the trek to Niagara Falls to see the Mau5 man at Dragonfly. The venue was on the small side which meshed well with his style of music. The performance was pretty much what I expected. A lot of soft melodies and easy drops. Deadmau5 mingled with the crowd after his set, which was refreshing to see in this world of superstar DJs. Check out some videos from the show.

Jun 22, 2009

Event Review: Davide Squillace @ Skybar Session June 20, 2009

It is Saturday June 20, 2009 and I am heading down to the Skybar for the opening of the new Skybar Sessions, which highlights an internationally profound DJ on the infamous Skybar. The opening session featured European heavyweight Davide Squillace. In my travels I have a slight feeling of discontent because it has been raining all day, and at 9:45 p.m. it has not let up.

I arrive outside of Skybar at approximately 10:00 and park my car. While talking to a friend about the crazy beats we are going to hear tonight, he points to my windshield and declares "it has stopped raining!" I knew the night would be magical from that moment on. God had stopped the rain in time for some of Toronto's most faithful house heads to party hard to the grooves of Squillace.

The rain may have let up, but Squillace did not. As expected, he was rocking the crowd with his deep house beats until the early morning. I had never seen him spin. However, I have heard much hype from those who have. The hype was well warranted. He has a mellow type of style, with dirty drops at precise moments which invigorated the lucky crowd in attendance. On a side note, throughout the night, flocks of birds were flying overhead which added a special kick to the already wild atmosphere of the club.

Jun 8, 2009

Chainside - I Would Die For You (A. Dub ReFix Rough Copy)

My boy AC showed me this new progressive track by a group called Chainside that I really enjoyed, however it was about 3 minutes too long. I decided to edit it down a little and after 3 hours of tweaking in Garageband, this is the rough version...
Give me some feedback so that I can make it sound better!

Click HERE for the mediafire link as well for anyone who wants to download the track or just play around with the it themselves... You don't have to be a production all-star, just fire up Garageband and try it out! Post your own mix in the comments section or message me if you want me to throw your mix up on TTITF.
Also, give a big welcome to Chitty Bang Bang, newest writer here at Tallest Tree. I'm stoked to have him writing and you guys should be too! We'll both be at Social Nightclub on Queen St. tonight if anyone wants to come party, give Chitty a call for guestlist or bottles @ 416-846-5626

Event Review: Skazi and Yahel @ Guv. June 6, 2009

This past Saturday was a night of epic proportions. The infamous Skybar, the roof top of Guvernment, opened up for the first time this summer and was pumping all night long. Manzone and Strong took over on the decks at 1 am and was accompanied with a grand fireworks display. Very impressive opening night.

While Manzone and Strong where killing it on the roof, Skazi and Yahel were destroying the Guv Main room. This dj/guitarist duo is not a widely popular act to the mainstream electronic scene, which adds more to their presence. Those who have seen them before knew what to expect, and those who have not were loving the unique guvernment experience provided by this duo. Regardless, they were awesome!

It is a rare opportunity to see electronic music being played in real time. We are talking live keyboard, live guitarists, live drum machine, etc.. You could feel the energy exuding off of the stage by these performers and it made the packed crowd go nuts. Maybe it was the hard and fast electronic music being played, or maybe the countless shots of Jack Daniels they were taking, but whatever the case Skazi and Yahel are amazing performers. I definitely recommend you put them on your "to see list." I know they are on mine, and I have already seen them twice.

If you feel the urge to let loose on the skybar or inside the guvernment complex, get at me for guestlist hook-ups @ 416-846-5626.